Hello, we're Poolside.

We’ve turned hiring on its head so you can build and retain your best team ever.

Recruiting, reimagined

Poolside is a new recruiting solution built to help restaurants get and stay in front of the right talent.

A better way to build your team.


Add all your locations and positions

We help you look good. Add and brand your locations with a few simple clicks. We'll help you show up differently to attract talent that fits your culture and team. 


Turn on and customize active positions

We help you emphasize what matters to candidates. Your passive and active positions show up to more of the right talent without getting buried.


Get active applicants, matches, and followers

Follow talent to stay on top of their experience or explore talent from the full Poolside talent pool. Ready to make a hire? Invite talent to apply.

Break free from the job post.

No more positing jobs. Poolside helps you continuously recruit so you’re always on the radar of the entire talent pool.

Make the change to two-sided matching.

No more luck of the draw that the right talent see your opportunities. A match on both sides means a better fit long-term. 

Grow a following of talent.

Engage with talent in ways you can’t elsewhere. Follow talent or turn positions to active and receive matches from our full talent pool. No more waiting for candidates to apply. No more last minute hiring. 

Build your brand for talent.

In the same way you build a brand for customers, build a brand to attract the right talent. We make it easy.

Trusted by the best.

Poolside is the place for restaurants of every size to meet their dream team.

"I’m seeing new candidates that
I don’t see on other job sites like Poached and Indeed. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use."

Gladys Gonzalez

Talent Acquisition Partner, One Off Hospitality



We built Poolside to
help you build better teams.


Every part of Poolside is designed with your team in mind.

Continuous Recruiting
Two-Sided Matching
Build A Following

A better way to build your team.



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