Office Spaces
& Event Spaces

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Flexible Desk

Flexible package of 10 desk rentals. Receive a new code with each package purchase for access to the workspace.
Valid until you've enjoyed all 10 desk rentals
300€+VAT per package
Weekly Rental

Hot Desk

Weekly desk rental for digital nomads and temporary workspace needs. Advance reservation is recommended for securing a spot.
Available on Monthly Rental
100€ + VAT per week
Monthly Rental

Dedicated Desk

Access to comfortable table and chair, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and heaters.
Available on Monthly Rental
250€ + VAT per month
Yearly Rental

Private Offices

Dedicated workspaces for brand teams. Fully furnished offices. Opportunity to host gatherings, workshops, or networking events.
Available on yearly rental
Option to pay in quarterly installments
20% discount if the yearly fee is paid upfront

Office Amenities & Services

Dive into the world of Web3 and experience a whole new way of working and connecting.
Bright and airy working rooms
Wi-fi Connectivity
Air-conditioning and Heaters
Private call booths
Big private terrace
Equipped Kitchen
Drinks & Snacks
Dog friendly
Restaurant with two terraces
Events Spaces

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Indoor Events

An event space suitable for conferences, seminars, workshops, networkings sessions, parties or concerts.

Cobaia Restaurant

Stylish and welcoming restaurant Cobaia. Special catering options tailored to your event

Outdoor Events

Exceptional outdoor event space.
Dedicated bar and option for DJ/live music performances

Previously organised events for following innovators