DeFi Protocol is a yield and protocol aggregator that enables anyone to easily create and bundle complex DeFi actions into a single transaction, is growing rapidly and currently integrated on the likes of XDEFI Wallet, Mean Finance, Yearn Finance and more. Raised a $2M seed round, led by LightShift Capital. Founded by the ex-founder of Zapper, now raising another $500K extension round with 20% committed after 1 week and includes DCG.
Devtool Infrastructure


Blockless Provides ZK Serverless Functions, unlocking new dApps previously impossible to run on-chain. Technical pedigree spans IBM, AWS, PayPal, Binance, Berkeley, Wharton, CMU, and the founders have successful projects listed on the Binance and Coinbase exchanges. Previously raised $2M pre-seed, now raising a further $5M they have 50% committed after 1 month.
Gaming Infrastructure


Soulbound is an on-chain Reputation Live-Ops system that leverages proof-of-play to identify superfans, filter bots and speculators, and keep the most valuable players and communities engaged. Raised $3.6m pre-seed led by Animoca Brands in 2021. Incredibly impressive team with over 70 years gaming experience, previously raised tens of millions of dollars and exited and IPOd businesses. Currently raising a $3.5M extension round and already have a very good interest.
Gaming Transmedia Development Studio

Aether Games

Aether Games is a transmedia development studio that creates immersive gaming and entertainment experiences for both web2 and web3 audiences. The founder, Jens Peeters was previously the highest-rated World of Warcraft player and a celebrity Esports manager. Raised $4.5M Seed Round via Token and Equity with Polygon Ventures, GSR, MystenLabs, Illuvium, Magic Eden, and others. Opened an new equity and token round due to demand. $2.5M / $3M filled in Seed already and $2.2M / $3.2M filled Strategic already (see tokenomics)


About Soulbound
“They are working to produce some really interesting and fun mechanics on their platform to make the experience better for our players and players of other games. I’ve said no to a lot of teams with similar products. I like the idea of the product. The team is really talented and great at communicating, and if you’re looking for a team that is going to see it through, it’s them.”

Jean-Paul Faraj

Head of Community & Partnerships @ Unstoppable Game

About Portals
“I decided to back the Portals team, because I think what they’re building is going to be key to make defi accessible to everyone. A lot of different teams and projects trying to solve the same problem, but clearly the knowledge they have and the way the team has been structured is it going to be a great asset to them ahead of anyone else.”

Emile Dubié

Co-Founder & CEO@ XDEFI Wallet

About Blockless
“We have partnered with block list as one of our infrastructure providers in order to deliver better and better dApps that are powered by AI. They play instrumental role in helping us maintain a developer platform that is robust, scalable and resilient.”

Vali Malinoiu

Co-Founder & CTO@

About Aether Games
“We have been working with Aether Games for over the past year and a half, super professional team, great vision when it comes to picturing this world using the same IP across multiple games. Cards of Ethernity is a fan favourites when it comes to our own community.”

Omar Ganhem

Co-Founder@ Polkastarter Gaming

About Poolside Accelerator

The Poolside Web3 Accelerator is a 3-month intensive program designed to support and accelerate the development of projects in the decentralized technology space