Why Poolside?

A better way to build your team. 

Because current hiring tools can inflate your costs and work against your ability to build and retain an all-star team. 

It's easy to feel out of control during the hiring process.

You can't find enough quality candidates.

Yesterday you competed for talent with the restaurant next door, today you’re competing with gig platforms like Uber and Grubhub.

You can't keep talent in the door.

And trust us, you're not alone. The industry retention rate is 73-150% and the national average turnover rate is 73%.

You’re always hiring last minute.

And it's costing you too much.
The average restaurant spends between $2,800 to $5,000 per employee who walks out the door.

Why don't existing solutions work?

Solutions like Craigslist and Indeed make it really hard for talent to find the right job for what they need and on the timeline that they need.

A better way to build your team.

It's not about who you hire, it's about how you hire.

Poolside puts you back in control of the hiring process.


generic job posts


branded positions

one-sided posting

two-sided matching

transactional hiring

continuous recruiting

constant churn

consistent teams


Every part of Poolside is designed with your team in mind.

Continuous Recruiting
Two-Sided Matching
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A better way to build your team.



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