Two-Sided Matching

Make the change to matching.

Our two-sided matching algorithm helps you get in front of more of the right talent faster. 

Why do we match?

Reduce hiring spend

No more money spent boosting jobs trying to get in front of talent. Every time talent log into Poolside, their matches are top of mind. Our opportunities are evergreen—to the right talent.

Create alignment

By matching on both qualitative and quantitative characteristics, both parties know what to expect, even before the interview. 

"By the time candidates come to us, they’ve usually determined for themselves that it’s the right fit. Getting that match on both sides upfront saves us a lot of money and time."

--Jason, Partner @ Just Salad

Increase tenure

A better match means that talent choose an opportunity for the right reasons and will therefore stay longer on the job.

"I needed to not spend 30% of my paycheck on transportation. The hours and availability mattered
too--I'm a single parent. 
At the job I found through Poolside, I only work days when my son is at school."

--Tracy, Poolside Talent


All of our product features designed with your team in mind.

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