Build A Following

Follow talent to keep them top of mind.

Reach the right talent, at the right time. We’ll help you follow and connect with talent in new ways.

We'll help you build a following of great
talent that are ready when you need them.


Get all your positions

out there

When you add your restaurants to Poolside, add your positions too. They're immediately added to our talent job pool, your brand is officially out there.


Customize and turn
on positions 

Need to make a hire? Customize your positions to help us make better matches. Not sure where to start? We've built a template for you that pre-populates key information.


Let our automation
do the leg work 

Turning on a position ignites our recruiting engine, reaching out to interested candidates and inviting them to apply. 

Stop waiting for applicants

Once you turn a position to active, we'll match you to people from our full talent pool who match what you're looking for. Invite them to apply, and the rest is history.

Stay on top of the best candidates

Not the right fit, right now? That’s okay. Follow talent profiles to stay on their radar, watch them build their skills, and reach out when the time is right.

Be more productive

Talent are managed and searchable all in one place. Collaborate with your full team to make better hiring decisions without having to chase down people or information.


All of our product features designed with your team in mind.

Continuous Recruiting
Two-Sided Matching

A better way to build your team.



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