Finding work shouldn't be work.

Poolside helps you find the best restaurant jobs before they’re posted anywhere else.

How It Works

The best paying jobs with the best hours go fast before they make it online. Find them here first. 

Find the best jobs first.

The best jobs aren’t posted by a manager; they’re found by word of mouth. Poolside makes it easy to find jobs you won't find elsewhere.

Is your restaurant hiring or you see a hiring sign on the street? Post a job on Poolside and share it with your network.

Gift someone their next job.

Exclusive Benefits


Apply to jobs that haven’t been posted anywhere else.


Find jobs that fit your schedule and get the hours you need.


Be the first to post exclusive jobs, before anyone else.


Help your friends get in the door at your restaurant. 

Refer Your Friends And Win

For the next three months, Poolside is having a referral competition. Create your Poolside profile and invite others to do the same. 

See who's in the lead for our $500 grand prize.

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