Continuous Recruiting

Break free from the job post.

All your opportunities are out there, all the time. We’ll help them reach the right people.

Here's how we do it.


Get all your positions

out there

When you add your restaurants to Poolside, add your positions too. They're immediately added to our talent job pool, your brand is officially out there.


Customize and turn
on positions 

Need to make a hire? Customize your positions to help us make better matches. Not sure where to start? We've built a template for you that pre-populates key information.


Let our automation
do the leg work 

Turning on a position ignites our recruiting engine, reaching out to interested candidates and inviting them to apply. 

Simplify your workflow

Posting jobs can be a labor intensive 
process--it's hard to know what talent are looking for. We’ll help you customize your positions in a way that resonates with talent and gets the right people in the door.

Reach the full talent pool

By putting all your positions out there, you build a following of talent for every position on your team who are interested and waiting for your positions to open up. 

Reduce time to hire

When you need to make a hire, turn your positions to active. Our recruiting engine reaches out to interested candidates, inviting them to apply. No more last minute hiring.

Talent are always looking for new opportunities.

Get on their radar.

92% of talent will consider leaving a current job if offered another role at a company with an excellent reputation.

Corporate Responsibility Magazine

51% of talent who have jobs today are searching for new ones or watching for openings.

State of the American Workplace Report


All of our product features designed with your team in mind.

Two-Sided Matching
Build A Following

A better way to build your team.


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