Full-time recruiting
without the full-time price.

Poolside matches candidates to jobs and you to talent.

Post for free or get hand-matched to candidates, it's like having a full-time recruiter.

Our pool of  
1000+ Chicago
are looking for opportunities like yours.

How It Works


Claim your free job posts on Poolside. Tell us what you need and we'll help you craft the perfect post.


We'll post your jobs to our pool of workers and unlock your traffic.


We'll send you interested candidates and matches screened for your and their preferences.


Choose who you want to interview and we'll help with the logistics.

We're radically focused on what candidates want to help you find better staff faster.

Why? Because today you only hire for what you need.
Tomorrow, you'll need to hire for what they need for a better match.

post for free

We'll help you craft the perfect post to attract the right staff. Your post never expires so that you always get a pipeline of candidates when you need it.

get matched

Get weekly matches screened for what you and talent need. We'll even help with your interview logistics so all you have to do is show up. 

Skip or cancel anytime.

Help people get
to know you.

Don’t post just another job description.

We help you identify the right qualities that resonate with candidates so that your opportunities get in front of more of the right people.

Get more targeted applications. 

When people know what you want, you get better people who stay longer. Your job shows up when it matches a candidate's preferences.


And it doesn't expire until you tell us it does, so you'll never have to pay to repost your job.  

Fill out a short survey to set your job preferences. We'll send you candidates who are interested in your job via email. It’s that easy. No strings attached.


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