Build your brand for talent. 

Poolside gives you the tools you need to build the foundation for your talent brand.

We make branding your restaurants a breeze—
it only takes a few minutes.


Show off your environment

Talent want to visualize where they'll be working. We'll help you add a few photos of your space. No photos? We'll take them for you.


Highlight your culture

In just a few clicks and three simple prompts, highlight what it means to work on your team. This helps us make even better matches.


Copy attributes forward 

More than one location with the same brand? We'll help you copy brand attributes forward to speed things up.

Why build a talent brand?

Differentiate beyond wage

A thoughtful brand has the power to help you compete beyond wage. We know what talent care about and can walk you through it, mad-libs style.

50% of talent say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation, even for a pay increase.

Build a loyal fan base

Talent talk to each other. This will always be a word-of-mouth industry. Help potential recruits rally behind your cohesive vision.

Make better matches

Culture matters to talent. Taking the time to brand your restaurant can help talent can make better decisions as to whether they might fit in with your team and clientele.

Increase your candidate pipeline and reduce hiring costs.

A meaningful employer brand has the potential to increase qualified applicants by 50% and cut cost-per-hire in half.

Handshake Blog

69% of talent are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its brand. 

Career Builder

Companies with bad reputations pay 10% more per hire.

Harvard Business Review


All of our product features designed with your team in mind.

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A better way to build your team.



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